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I’ve posted a more in-depth introduction as to who I am and why I’m here under Getting Started: Some details about your Gluten Free Gal Friday, but the major points are as follows.

I’m a 30 year old soon to be first time mom to a little boy this summer, I’ve been gluten free for a year, I’m a tattoo artist and dental assistant but am currently out of work due to complications treating a rare autoimmune disorder I also deal with called pemphigus.  I’m an avid (and sometimes obsessive) knitter, crafter, cook, baker, and artist, amongst the many other hats I wear.  I’m married to an amazing man who does his best to always help me follow my dreams.  I have an extremely opinionated cat, named Mr. Pink, and we all live in a little house in a little town in Upstate NY.

I’ve been going to school to finish my BA in Studio Art, but had to take a semester off to get a handle on my health.  I’m currently working on several children’s book ideas I hope to one day publish, but for the moment, it’s one day, one page, one concept at a time.


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